Thanks for joining us at MIX06…

Well, the fat lady is about to sing. Thank you for joining us at the inaugural MIX event. We hope you had an interesting, informative, educational, worthwhile and fun time with us here in Vegas. We are reading your session evals, checking out the blogs and talking to you about how we can do better next time (and there will be a next time). We hope you keep the conversation going with us even after today, and that you’ve made new business connections and new friends that you’ll keep talking with as well. You can keep up with post-MIX news at Virtual MIX where the sessions will be streamed in ~4 weeks. Join us today at the MIX Chat for a final wrap up and group hug (kidding!). A huge thank you is extended on behalf of the entire Microsoft team who worked on MIX, and we hope to see you at the next one!

MIX Sessions Streamed in a Month

The keynotes are available now on Virtual MIX and the rest of the sessions will be streamed in about 4 weeks.

Vista Partner Showcase

Wowed by the WPF-based Vista demos you saw during the MIX keynotes and general sessions? Check out the Vista Partner Showcase in the Sandbox and see demos from REZN8, Avenue A | Razorfish, Fluid, iBloks, NASCAR, AMG, Car & Driver, The North Face and other “Origami” applications!

Sandbox in the Sky

We are trying something new at MIX06. We want to provide attendees with a place to continue their learning and experimentation with some of the technologies presented at MIX.

At MIX06, we reserved a Sandbox in the Sky for each attendee. A Sandbox is a subdomain on where you can play with technologies you learned about at MIX and share your experiments with your friends and family.

Check often to see some of the great things MIX06 attendees have built using technology they learned about at MIX. Sandbox in the Sky will be available for 6 months after MIX06 ends.

MIX06 Contest Winners

One hundred and six different ways to start a conversation, 17 different countries, 3 entrants that went to MIX on the house. As selected by the Remix judges...

The Top 3 Remixes

Vegas Retro by TCarnright
Mix 86 by Donavon
Mixmas Tree by Sandra

The Top Honorable Mentions

72 Hours by Zhivko
A Different Angle by Jon Pielak
Bubbles by Cheri
Elvis Gates by Webmistress
Horizontal Approach by Alpa
Mix2Point0 by Scottmeinzer
Mix Ubu Mix by Alan Sevajian
My Vista MIX06 by Andy Parker
oSpace by Trey

The winner of the MIX06 Microsoft Gadget Contest

Yousef El-Dardiry

Congratulations to everyone on an incredible experiment in design. The level of quality, creativity, humor and thought that went into the Remixes is simply incredible. The judges poured both time and reflection into their decisions’. They did not always agree on what the best designs were, but there was a consistent amazement at the level of design excellence.

It was extremely difficult to pick only three winners. To those that were chosen, truest congratulations. I look forward to toasting you in person at MIX. To the Honorable Mentions, and all the other designers giving this their all, my heart felt thanks and admiration. I wish there was a way to recognize in equal share the effort you put into this.